End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

When leaving your rental property you should book an end of tenancy with us. End of tenancy cleaning is a requirement from tenancy agreements to ensure the property is clean for new tenants to move in. If an end of tenancy clean is not carried out, you could have a fee deducted from your security deposit to cover the cleaning cost. Contact us, so we can do all the work and carry out the move out cleaning for you.

- Professional equipment and products provided by us.
- Agency approved checklist
- Oven cleaning included in the service
- Fixed prices and no hidden charges.

End of tenancy cleaning requires your property to be completely empty before specialists come to clean. The reason being it can prevent the professional cleaning taken place.In case it's impossible to do so, please keep your belongings and possessions to one corner.

Who is this for?

The service is aimed at tenants and landlords, we are here to help you with the move in/out cleans.  For us to fulfil this job, it's best that flat/house is completely empty so we can give a thorough clean with.Refrigerator needs to be defrosted prior to the clean.
Book Our Services

Please view our pricings below , rates shown are flat fees and may vary depending on your needs as well as any extras/add ons you may have.

Studio Flat

From - £200.00

1 Bed / 1 bath

From - £230.00

3 bed / 1 bath

From - £320.00

2 bed / 1 bath

From - £270.00

3 bed / 2 bath

From - £370.00

2 bed / 2 bath

From - £290.00

4 bed / 1 bath

From - £420.00

4 bed / 2 bath

From - £470.00

What our services entail

Please view our pricings below , rates shown are flat fees and may vary depending on your needs as well as any extras/add ons you may have.



- Clean and disinfectant the worktops
- Wipe down all the appliances.
- Fridge/Freezer cleaning (defrosted in advance)
- Oven cleaning
- Clean in and outside of the cupboards
- Clean interior windows Clean the extractor fan & filters
- Clean the dishwasher and washing machine
- Microwave wiped inside and out
- Clean and polish the cooker
- Wipe down the woodwork (doors, door frames and skirting boards)
- Wipe down the radiators
- Clean plugs and light switches
- Degrease wall tiles, wash down and polish
- Hoover and mop the floor.


- Clean the bath/shower
- Clean the tiles
- Wipe down the cabinets  inside and out
- Clean the mirrors, sink and toilet
- De scale the sink and taps/ shine taps.
- Wipe down the radiator
- Wipe down door frames and skirting board.
- Clean plugs and light switches
-Hoover and mop the floor

Living Room & Hall

- Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces - Clean and dust all furniture
- Clean the windows (interior)
- Clean all glass surfaces
- Wipe down all skirting boards
- Hoover and mop the floors
- Remove cobwebs
- Wipe down and clean the doors and door handles
- Clean light switches & fittings,  lamp shades, plugs and sockets.


- Dust all surfaces
- Dust the blinds
- Remove cobwebs
- Hoover and mop the floors
- Steam clean the mattress or curtains if needed (Extra fee's apply)
- Carpet cleaning (Extra fee's apply)
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