Commercial Cleaning

We work with clients across London and all sectors. Our commercial cleaners are experienced in cleaning all sizes of building. We focus on all communal areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, reception area, meeting rooms, hallways, stairs etc.We can provide general or deep cleaning based on preference, for regular commercial cleaning please get in contact for a quote From the moment your next client walks in, to the final handshake after the contract is signed, having a professional, clean office space is a top priority for any business.

Commercial office cleaning is fundamental to your brand, reputation and team, so your business needs a highly skilled office cleaning company in London.Maintaining a beautiful office is proven to increase your staff's happiness and wellbeing and give your visitors a great first impression. Your team can enjoy a healthier workplace by reducing allergens, such as mould, bacteria and dust.Using sanitisation techniques, our expert office cleaning services in London give your workplace the first and final touches and add the sense of security of knowing your team is working in a clean, safe environment.Our professional London office cleaning services offer unbeatable service, reliability and professional, experienced cleaners who get to know you and your team.

Our office cleaning services include:

- Disinfection and sanitisation of surface areas, fixtures and fittings (including office, kitchen and washroom areas)
- Complete dusting and polishing of surface areas, fixtures and fittings
- Vacuuming of carpeted areas, upholstery and fabrics
- Safe collection and disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable waste
- Internal window cleaning

Please note that if cleaning products and equipment are not provided that there will be an extra cost added.
No Payment required at this stage .We will email you to confirm the quote and availability normally between 2 hours of submission (during work hours). Your cleaning session is not booked yet.
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