Our Domestic Cleaning Services

Our regular domestic cleaning services.
Discover the joy of a spotless home with our professional domestic cleaning services. Our experienced team of reliable cleaners is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. From dusting and vacuuming to mopping and disinfecting, we take care of every aspect of domestic cleaning, tailored to your specific needs. Relax and enjoy a clean and healthy living environment.

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Who is this for?

The clients who book this service, our clients who have regular domestic cleaning service in their homes. For example, booking daily, weekly or fortnightly cleaning services. We can also in corporate fridge cleaning, bed linen change, laundry and ironing.


- Clean the worktops
- Wipe down all the appliances.
- Wash dishes or load the dishwasher.
- Put dishes away
- Empty bins
- Wipe down the bins and replace new bin bags
- Hoover and mop the floor.
- Scrub the hob
- Clean microwave
- Fridge clean (+ 1hour added )
- Clean the sink
- Wipe down switches
- Vacuum and mop the floors


- Clean the bath/shower
- Clean the tiles
- Clean the toilet
- Wipe down exterior cabinets
- Wipe down switches
- Clean the mirrors, sink and toilet
- Empty the bins.
- Wipe down the bins and replace new bin bags
- Hoover and mop the floor

Living Room & Hall

- Wipe down and disinfect surfaces
- Clean and dust  furniture
- Clean the windows (interior)
- Clean  glass surfaces
- Wipe down skirting boards
- Hoover and mop the floors
- Wipe down switches and handles
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